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About Us

About Us

The Muslim Society of Delaware Valley (MSDV) is a nonprofit Muslim community organization serving the Greater Philadelphia Area. MSDV currently operates two Islamic centers: the Islamic Cultural Center of Willow Grove (ICCWG) and the Muslim Youth Center of Philadelphia (MYCP). 

Our Vision

MSDV’s vision is to develop a community of American Muslims inspired by the principles, practice, and legacy of the Islamic tradition to lead lives of integrity, serve their families and communities with excellence, and work toward the betterment of society. 

Our Organizational Goals

Our Team

Eyad Takiedine

Chairman of the
Board of Trustees

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria with three brothers and one sister, Eyad immigrated to the United States in 1977 to continue his education and later start his own business in Pennsylvania. He married his wife, Manal, in 1988 and has three children. Eyad enjoys helping in community efforts. He is honored and humbled to serve as the Chairman of the MSDV Board of Trustees, which he has done since 2016.   

Contact: eyad@msdvpa.org

Imam Basheer

Imam Basheer Bilaal

Resident Imam

Imam Basheer Bilaal was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. After completing primary education in the US, he traveled to Turkey to study and obtain an in-depth Islamic education. He graduated from the Istanbul University of Islamic Studies as an imam and khatib, and was granted ijazah (authoritative license) by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey in 2009. Afterwards, he traveled to Damascus, Syria to specialize in Arabic language, grammar, literature, and public speaking. After his studies abroad, he returned to Brooklyn to serve as an imam in the same community in which he grew up. Since then, he has served as imam and religious director in many communities in the US, including recently at the Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley (MALV) in Allentown, PA. He strives to serve the diverse needs of the Muslim community through religious classes, family and individual counseling, interfaith engagements, and working to serve the greater community to help spread peace, knowledge, and understanding.

Contact: imam@msdvpa.org

Madiha Irfan

Executive Director

A second-generation Pakistani American, Madiha grew up in West Chester, PA. She holds a BA in religious studies from Bryn Mawr College and MDiv from Harvard Divinity School. In her graduate studies, she focused on religious education and spiritual development in the American Muslim community.  Madiha joined the MSDV team in the summer of 2017. She enjoys serving the community, and especially loves working with youth.

Contact: madiha@msdvpa.org

Teresa Hadjali

Director of Operations

Teresa was raised in a large Irish Roman Catholic family in Pennsylvania. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Eastern University and an MSW from Temple University. She worked ten years in the Philadelphia area as a social worker for children at risk due to abuse and neglect. Her spiritual journey led to the discovery of Islam in the early nineties and she has since been a practicing Muslim. Teresa then made a transition from social work to education, and has taught five years in England and five years in the United Arab Emirates as well as another eight years as principal of Villanova Academy, an Islamic elementary school. She has been grateful and glad to become involved with the Muslim Society of Delaware Valley community since 2017. She is looking forward to continuing her involvement as part of a team committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

Contact: teresa@msdvpa.org

IMG_7978 (1)

Numan Dugmeoglu

Youth & Outreach Director

Numan has has served the community at various levels from being an organizer to a teacher and mentor. A third-generation Turkish American born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area, Numan earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Drexel University. During his time at Drexel he worked closely with the MSA and other faith groups to expand interfaith relations and awareness on campus. After graduating in 2016 he moved to the Chicagoland area where he served as the youth director at the MECCA Center in Willowbrook, and volunteered regularly at Ta’leef Collective Chicago, an organization that seeks to build a culturally and spiritually relevant community for both converts and legacy Muslims. Numan is currently pursuing his MDiv degree at Bayan Claremont.    

Contact: numan@msdvpa.org


Afnan Abusheikha

Marketing Manager

Afnan is a Palestinian-Canadian who graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in Communications, Media, and Politics. She moved to the US in the summer of 2021 and shortly thereafter began applying her diverse experience from different Muslim communities at MSDV. In addition to her marketing work with the organization, Afnan also teaches at both MYCP and ICCWG, including classes in the Weekend Learning Program, Teen Seekers Circle, and Quran Reading Program. Her teaching is informed by her years of part-time study of the Islamic sciences. Her interests include coffee-flavored things, history, holistic health, poetry, and pets.

Contact: afnan@msdvpa.org



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